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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Internet |

U.S. urges Spain to review its position on the legality of P2P networks

U.S. urges Spain to review its position on the legality of P2P networks

And again we see the tentacles Americans playing its cards in Spanish territory: A deputy representative of Commerce of the United States for the enforcement of intellectual property, Kira Alvarez, is not convinced by the judgments of the courts where Spanish has become clear that P2P file sharing is not illegal if no profit.

Specifically, Alvarez has referred to the Circular of the Attorney General’s May 2006 which states that no money involved, the mere fact of sharing files over networks is not a crime:

“This Circular perpetuates the problem by giving a non-criminal to downloads by P2P networks, so it must be reviewed and the drowning problem,” said the official.

Alvarez, who participated in a conference on intellectual property in Madrid, he recalled that the U.S. brought to from the “black list” of countries supporting piracy, he stressed that the Obama applauds “efforts” of Spain for “combat on the Web “, with actions such as adoption and entry into force of the Act called Sinde, for example.

However, the U.S. official expressed concern that in his opinion “there is still much to do”, so said that since his Government urged Spain to:

“Give priority to full implementation of the encouraging ensure that the administrative mechanism established by law must be effective for the removal of infringing content online, including binding sites.”

Now the question is: Spanish politicians like obedient lambs will line Washington to demonize P2P sharing? The truth is that not surprise me to take out a law that criminalize file sharing in itself …

We have seen that before and thanks to Wikileaks has become clear that interests defended by the United States have issued instructions to Spanish politicians as far as persecution and repression on the Internet is concerned … So just a matter of time to find out.

Link: U.S. urges Spain to “revise” the Circular of the Office on P2P networks (EuropaPress)

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