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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Science |

U.S. wants to put surveillance drone in South America

U.S. wants to put surveillance drone in South America

drones reallocate were withdrawn from Afghanistan to observe other territories including South America, said Air Force Gen. Norton Schwartz.

The intentions behind the sending of these flying robots have no clear explanation. The fight against drugs does not seem to be the reason – although reports state that would be used to find criminals in the jungle – nor initiate any war robotics. The robots in question are models Predator and Reaper , which are controlled remotely by a pilot from the ground. Not only monitor, but also can incorporate missiles.

It is possible that they are for missions, or they are sent to train units deployed in this area in the use of such equipment in case it is necessary in the future. As a military matter, details are scarce.

U.S. Military wants drones in South America, but why? (Wired)
Air Force Chief: Some Drones will not be coming home after Afghanistan (National Defense Magazine)

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