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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Software |

Ubuntu gives closed the bug number 1: “Microsoft has the largest market share”

Canonical founder gave today closed the “bug number 1″ of Ubuntu, which dates from the beginning of the operating system in 2004. The bug reads: “Microsoft has the largest market share.” The sense qualify as “bug” implies that it is something that had to be repaired, ie make does not dominate in the market, promoting free software.

This bug, as such, no longer makes sense, because smartphones and have changed the rules of the game, said Shuttleworth. Indeed, according to a report presented by the analyst and venture capitalist Mary Meeker yesterday, iOS and Android have a 60% market share of operating systems in the broad sense, compared to 35% of Windows.

“Android can not be my or your first choice of Linux, but it is certainly open source platform that offers both practical and economic benefits for its users and the industry,” said Shuttleworth, explaining the change of status of this bug .

Shuttleworth acknowledges that for many, the bug number 1 was a kind of target, a fight to hold against Windows. However, “it is better for us to focus our intention on excellence in their own right, rather than in our impact on someone else’s product,” he says.

“It is worth noting that today, if you’re in cloud computing, the team of Microsoft IAAS is both technically excellent and very focused on having ALL operating systems including Linux and guests, running extremely well in Azure, making it a pleasure to work with. Perhaps the change in the market has played a role in that. Circumstances have changed, institutions have adapted, and we should do it too, “he says.

Ubuntu is in a process of change, from being a desktop system, a system that works well on mobile and on tablets . “We must be willing to make major changes us – in our processes, our practices, our tools and our relationships. Change the status of this bug is just a small example, “says Shuttleworth.

Link: Comment # 1834: Bug # 1 (Ubuntu Launchpad)

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