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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

Ubuntu includes advertising on your Dashboard Amazon

Ubuntu includes advertising on your Dashboard Amazon

We all know that one of the few methods that exist to support free software is through advertising, which can be integrated in multiple product forms, as the developer sees fit. In this case, we see how Canonical, the company in charge of the Linux distribution, has started including ads for purchases at Amazon within your operating system.

The function is integrated natively and you can see when we go to the Dashboard in Unity GUI, that button that is located on the top of the sidebar and functions as indexer of all content on the PC. The idea is that if we write Dashboard “guitar”, display all the results of our team that are compatible with that term, separating the results into categories: applications, system, music and more.

Now, if we look for “guitar” in the home of the Dashboard, in addition to the possible matches and other programs, see suggestions from buying Amazon products, rooted at the popular store that carries the company. If the user clicks on the item and buy it, you get money to Canonical, who has promised that all proceeds will go towards the development of Ubuntu.

Link: Online Shopping Feature Arrives in Ubuntu 10.12 (OMG! Ubuntu)




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