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UK: The posters of World War II come to Internet

UK: The posters of World War II come to Internet

cc @ NationalArchivesUnitedKingdom

Lovers of old posters are in luck, thanks to the National Archives of the and Wikimedia Commons, now enjoy high-resolution posters that were used to lift the spirits of the British during World War II.

What we find on In total 2,000 images will be uploaded from posters, paintings, drawings and cartoons with the Creative Commons. So far we can take a look at the 363 pieces that have been scanned.

Topics of the signs: encourage savings, to remain united against the enemy, to avoid rumors, support the troops, to perform volunteer work, to lend a hand in agriculture calls for joining the army, promoting care of the evacuees to the countryside … We must not forget that Britain suffered heavy bombing by the Luftwaffe with intent to cause the country to surrender.

Some posters are anonymous and some are signed by their creators: There are several of Thomas Cantrell Dugdale , who made a few portraits of British officers, Abram Games, Tom Purvis , Pat Keely, Roy Nockolds …

Some are aimed at the female population, encouraging them to join the ATS, save gas, electricity … there’s one of the then Princess Elizabeth with the uniform.

An interesting collection that recalls a very difficult time for the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom 2,000 posters hanging in Internet Propaganda World War II (20 minutes)
Wikimedia Commons

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