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Ukraine wins Imagine Cup 2012 with a glove that translates sign language

Ukraine wins Imagine Cup 2012 with a glove that translates sign language

Gloves that translate into sign language letters, called “Enable Talk”, have won the category “software” of the 2012 edition of Imagine Cup, the college competition organized by Microsoft.

The organizers of this project are the Ukrainian QuadSquad, that have been made with the recognition and $25 000 which includes the award.

Greatly simplifying its operation, gloves have sensors that allow them to translate sign language into letters and words through a mobile terminal, so that the deaf-mute can communicate with anyone, understand or not sign language, as shown in the following video:

In addition to the software category, Imagine Cup 2012 had two more categories: Mobile, where they raised their kids “MathDash” (United States) a game to facilitate learning of mathematics through Nokia’s Windows Phone:

While in the XBox category of won the boys with their proposal named “Tang Thai”, a strategy game to raise awareness about the problem of deforestation:

He gave also a fourth prize, by popular vote through the Imagine Cup Web, resulting children of the Indian team’s project “The D Labs”, a website to help improve dyslexia.

I confess that while the winning projects in each category have much merit, certainly the one I liked is that of the gloves, because it really means a contribution to end the communication gaps that still affect people who are deaf-mute, so I hope this project really comes to fruition and it is sold.

Link: Microsoft Announces Imagine Cup 2012 Winners, Ukrainian Takes Top Place Team (Microsoft)

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