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Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in Science |

Ultra-fast tracking system that keeps track of a ping pong

Ultra-fast tracking system that keeps track of a ping pong

Were completed in the rough scuffles tennis tournaments to determine whether a ball touched the line or hit the net. Now with this new concept developed at the University of Tokyo, can be resolved through a Hawkeye tennis style but following the ball everywhere.

The new widget is called Spectation Tennis, a system which keeps track of the ball synchronizing their movements in four directions without losing sight, which in general is often impossible for even the most advanced television cameras.

Instead of moving the whole camera, the system designed by Ishikawa Oku Lab researchers at the University of sets two mirrors in a camera line of sight. The mirrors tilt directed automatically to keep the ball in sight, all while a camera records all to 1,000 frames per second, speed and accuracy enough to see even the precise effect generated by the stroke of the paddle on the ball, turning out the style of bullets Matrix.

This project will begin to be used to help referees Tennis make better decisions about the flaws in a game, but the researchers also hope to use this technology for ultra-detailed recording of the birds, airplanes, cars and other objects little perceptible to the human eye.

Link: Video: Camera Uses Ultra-Fast Mirrors to Perfectly Track a Ping-Pong Ball in Play (PopSci)

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