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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

Ultrabooks Manufacturers: The price is absurd Haswell

Ultrabooks Manufacturers: The price is absurd Haswell

We know that have captured the interest of users, and their sales do not reach even half than expected , a situation that may not change even next year, as many OEMs believe that prices Intel future microprocessors are “absurd.”

Intel believes that Ultrabooks future microprocessors based on micro-architecture Haswell sales will take off Ultrabooks, thanks to high integration, graphics and other improvements aimed at reducing consumption .

Future microprocessors and Haswell Haswell-MB-ULT make a concession from a larger number of transistors and lower operating frequencies , in order to provide better consumer relationship, many of these additional transistors are intended for graphics unit, which has a greater number of shader processors and 128MB dedicated graphics memory on-die (known as code Crystalwell ), but all this extra hardware is priced, which many equipment manufacturers (OEM) are not willing to pay.

The current price-ULV Ivy Bridge chips for ultrabooks overcome the barrier of U.S. $ 225 and the manufacturers claim that Ultrabooks will price between $ 50 to $ 60 higher than the current ULV Ivy Bridge- ; price they consider because many users are willing to pay the extra price.

Haswell know if it will become the Ultrabooks El Salvador, but no doubt the price will be a determining factor in their success or failure.

Link: Intel’s Haswell OEMs call pricing, “Absurd” (SemiAccurate)

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