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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Economy, Gadgets, Hardware | 1 comment

Ultrabooks will not sell as well as expected this and next year, according to IHS

Ultrabooks will not sell as well as expected this and next year, according to IHS

We are entering the month of October with the launch of Windows 8, we expect a large wave ultrabooks makes its appearance on the market, in a category that Intel is putting a lot of chips (and money) to face a decent way the latent threat of tablets takeoff.

However, according to Analysts at IHS, things do not look so good for these ultra-portable in the remainder of 2012 and the coming 2013, as they have reduced sales considerably for both periods as they themselves had predicted some time ago.

Because it was believed that around 2012 the total sales of would be 22 million units, which has fallen to 10.3 million, ie 53% below estimates. Furthermore, it is believed that by 2013 there will be a release of 44 million PCs, and although the figure is shown as encouraging growth in reality this corresponds to 17 million ultrabooks less than previously predicted, when said that in 2013 it sold more than 60 million.

As expected, most of the units that are expected to sell this year 2012 will be given during the season, which will mark the end of the year and confirmation of whether these expectations with reality, or are better or worse expected.

Link: IHS ultrabook shipments down more than half prediction (Electronista)

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1 Comment

  1. Thats because the public don’t understand them! Market a netbook and sell loads. Then create an ultrabook and don’t market it properly. The average joe does not have a clue what an ultrabook is. Plus the stupid high price tag for a mass produced M/B which is very cheap to make due to compatibily and a crapy 720P screen isn’t going to sell too well is it! I know quite a few geeks which are put off by the poor screens and stupid price tag.