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Unda, the easiest way to send video messages [FW Startups]

Unda, the easiest way to send video messages [FW Startups]

In the app stores, for virtually any dipositive there half a dozen that let you send messages, pictures, videos, sounds, where you are … All these applications try to do something complicated simple, connect with people. Services like WhatsApp or Line are now the biggest triumph for sending messages, each on a field type, not to mention BlackBerry Messenger that still remains a very strong form of communication in many countries, but as far as video is concerned, until recently we had systems like Skype or Facetime for video conferencing.

This is where Unda , a simple application that makes video messaging as simple as possible, both as swiping the screen and press record. Its use lies in video send about 10 seconds to contacts to groups of contacts, and perhaps the simplicity of implementation which is striking. We have tested for a few weeks and we are struck by the potential of video to share messages, instead of just writing your contacts to make them more visual and to explain better “face to face”.

The interesting thing is that the video service just take up space, which considering that it comes to video may worry people with little megs in data rate, according to its developers spend barely 400kb videos of 10 seconds.

This application is mainly created by Japanese developer Nao Tokui and Oscar Yasser Noriega, better known as “Akira” in Mexico by gaming magazines and podcasts mythical omo Nerdcore . We chatted with “Akira” on Unda, video instant messaging and what this startup plans to introduce this service.

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Engadget – How did the idea of Unda?
Oscar Yasser – The idea of a nation from realizing personally video sharing traditional messaging apps was relatively slow and complicated. Too many steps, too many taps and makes the videos not suitable for conversations, just to share a video and expect a response text. When experience is not designed from scratch never would use video sharing these text messaging apps to talk to someone on video, it is relatively easy to take. Thus was born the idea, and seeing what was happening with Vine: an app that never released and that all that was known was that they were super-short messages “social”. So I thought that would be interesting video short messages in the coming months and so pitche him the idea to my technical co-founder, Nao Tokui.

FW – Who makes up the team Unda?
OY is the hacker, is from Japan and has a lot of experience making mobile apps. We met through mutual friends when I lived in Japan. Noriega Anwar’s my brother, he is a great designer (who has won multiple awards) and is contributing much to the team even if just joined the team and finally Takamitsu Mizutori, another great Japanese hacker recently also joined to accelerate process of creating our apps. I must also mention Luis Lopez who made the whole image, logo and design of the current version of and although no longer on the team appreciated the work he did.

FW – How Does Unda?
OY – unda is as if I came and had a child WhatsApp. I like to say that example because it is the best way to explain it. Unda is an instant messaging application totally focused on video, you can do more than send video to people, friends or family that you love, and also good if you want to micro groups to send videos to your friends. Send a video is extremely fast (no faster app to send video today), only touch a button and hold down, releasing the button, boom! the message was sent. If you’re on a relatively slow connection, the video can be sent in the “background” and you can actually start another video immediately, in fact you can change the subject. The multitasking of unda is the best that we can with the product, few people have understood that you can continue to send messages without waiting and you can leave them up in the background, even when you put your phone in “lock”. I think just using it you realize the difference between unda and other similar apps. No more, until you use it do not realize this easier than it sounds.

FW – What platforms does it work?
OY – For now only works on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 (well, plus certain generation iPod touch), but we have already announced that we are working on the Android version and the beta will be ready very soon.

FW – Unda When will we see on other platforms?
OY – Very soon, much sooner than it seems. And ultimately, if all goes well, being a messaging application in the background we need to continue evaluating more platforms. If we achieve the goals we have no growth why not bring it to Windows Phone or Blackberry. However, so far only iOS and Android are doing.

FW – What business model can continue Unda?
OY – Ideas have many. And the truth is that there are a few that may surprise more than one. Some are technically impressive and others are relatively simple and predictable. It’s too early to talk about this. The first thing we want is probale everybody microvideos is that can be a substitute for SMS or text messages to another in multiple situations.

FW – You have recently been selected by 500 startups, what support you have received?
OY – indeed we were selected by 500 Startups in Silicon Valley after Cesar Salazar and Mexico 500 people we recommend to enter the batch number 6 here in the United States. Upon entering 500 as all other companies, you receive a valuation investment X and much support in mentoring, to polish the product and especially to know to sell. 500 is a great experience for any entrepreneur and much more in Silicon Valley. We learned a lot in a short time and especially we have fallen into account that much of the success in Silicon Valley is the speed with which you work, very different from what we are used to in Latin America.

FW – Take a new app “different” is always a challenge, what has been the hardest thing to take the project forward?
OY – The hardest thing about making an app or service will always be the first to break the psychological barrier that people try. Acceptance-and addiction in many cases, but usually comes after is harder to see people make it a better experience. We have seen users saying unda offers nothing new and a few days after testing say they are addicted. Honestly I do not mind being in a position where we have to paddle against the current, I think everyone on the team have been in similar situations before and it’s “nice” to do this. It is always a challenge to sell the idea and especially to show that not only is something new, but something better.

Unda is available on the App Store for free, coming soon to other platforms.

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