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Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in Companies |

Unity is strength: Oracle signs alliance with rival

Unity is strength: Oracle signs alliance with rival

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The challenge of competing in a market based on Cloud applications, many of them free or very affordable cost, became a nightmare for giants like IBM, and Unix, which have lost much of its market share of this trend .

For this reason and after? Overcome? the crisis of the lawsuits against Google for infringement of intellectual property for the development of Android, without taking a penny, those led by Larry Ellison have signed an agreement for an alliance with rival historic and pioneer of cloud computing, , that was born in 2000, when Marc Benioff Ellison fired board after start selling Oracle software competitive.

Today we learned that both agreed to integrate Oracle products Salesforce Cloud programs for a period of nine years, a period eternal if we talk about technological times. What wins each with this alliance?

Oracle and yesterday announced partnership with Microsoft (also old rival company Ellison), and seeks to grow rapidly through these agreements in the market for cloud products.

Economically, the 35% growth experienced in recent years by Oracle are just crumbs compared to over 100% managed by Salesforce offering cloud services.

On behalf of the company Marc Benioff, who has suffered harassment and ridicule for years of Larry Ellison, but the extent and benefits of the alliance, although scholars speculate intend to accomplish cloud to consolidate their products large corporate customers that owns the Oracle portfolio. A year ago they had acquired Buddy Media , marketing giant, after a few days ago Oracle announced its first steps into the cloud.

Link: Larry Ellison Just Won Big By Signing A Nine-Year Deal With Salesforce (Business Insider)

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