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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Internet |

Universal and Sony lost 2,000 million views to his videos on YouTube

Universal and Sony lost 2,000 million views to his videos on YouTube

yesterday published its report counts regular playback videos on the site, and reviewing it, some people noted that the views of the videos from Entertainment and Music Group had lost 2,000 million views in relation to the previous report.

What happened? Some speculated that YouTube was punishing these companies artificially inflate views , something that is prohibited by the terms of service. However, Billboard notes that actually cuts due to changes made by YouTube in the way of having videos.

First, YouTube counts adjusted regularly visits using an “anti-spam”, which rules out automatic reproductions videos you start walking without user click, or pop-up videos that users can not see. In this operation, Sony and Universal lost 1.5 million views on his channel, a small fraction of the 2,000 who lost millions.

The rest of the visits was lost after deducted YouTube video reproductions “dead”. The company decided to eliminate the count for videos that were available before on the site, but they were removed. Universal and Sony began to move his videos about three years ago to YouTube VEVO channel, which is owned by both companies together with EMI. Thus, formerly popular videos on channels of Universal and Sony, now in VEVO, views and counting spent the latter.

Other users also missed visits in the same operation, although hardly as dramatic figures.

Link: What really happened to Sony and Universal’s 2 billion YouTube views missing (Billboard)

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