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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Entertainment |

Universal Music boycotting their discs negative reviews

Universal Music boycotting their discs negative reviews

(CC) Luke Robinson

The record company Universal Music Group , the same as YouTube removes videos that do not belong if it bothers them or even by mistake , and one of the four largest record labels in the world, has returned to take advantage of laws supposedly designed to protect the right of author, and using the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has made a complaint to to remove a page from your browser containing a negative of one of his albums.

Adaso Henry made a brief review but certainly something negative (or even destroyed it, gave it two stars and a half) from the album Take Care of Drake at , and without cause, because the page contains links to illegal- filed a complaint to Google to remove the results of your searches criticism Drake Adaso to disk.

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The page is a review of 50 words, without any link rather than to buy the album on Amazon, so asserts Adaso , Universal’s action is intended to censor a much more negative criticism and extensive link which was in their critical comments on and in the comments of the critical AV Club and Universal also requested leave to show in Google’s results despite also contains no link to any illegal content.

Link: Universal Music Uses Bogus DMCA Take Down Claim To Negative Review Of Drake’s Album (Techdirt)

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