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Posted by on Oct 13, 2012 in Internet |

Universal sue to force remove a video of a baby dancing

Universal sue to force remove a video of a baby dancing

What’s wrong with babies dancing on YouTube? Apparently, his choice of songs, according to Universal Music Group. The record company sent an order to remove a video of a child moving to the music of Prince, song is copyrighted.

This case began in 2007, however, will take place next Tuesday the trial. The (EFF) will present that day a complaint with the court in San Jose, California, claiming that the company violated the law to request the removal of the video, as it is a fair use of the song.

Stephanie Lenz was the one who climbed the short 29 second to YouTube, with the idea of sharing it with friends and family, where his son danced “Let’s Go Crazy,” playing on the radio back. Lenz filed suit with the help of the to Universal is made responsible for removing legal videos.

“Companies must take responsibility content when their arm tactics crush the rights of fair uses. We hope the judge gives to Mrs. Lenz closure she deserves, and to show you the content owners they can not run over user rights, “said the director of the organization’s intellectual property, Corynne McSherry.

The video was replaced later by YouTube .

Not the first time that Universal has somewhat arrogant attitudes regarding Internet content. The company denounced and forced the withdrawal of the video for MegaUpload , although not infringe any copyright, then defended his “right” to remove Internet videos that do not belong .

Link: Dancing baby video battle in Court tuesday (EFF)

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