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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Science |

Unmissable: Northern Lights in a single video “timelapse”

The northern lights are one of those phenomena that must be seen live to appreciate its magnitude. Not everyone has the chance to travel to either end of the planet and see a spot, but many more people can see this spectacular and remarkable video such as “time lapse” Northern Lights captured in Sweden.

The author is a photographer named Chad Blakley, and his story is that he moved four years ago to work in Sweden, finally staying there. The video of the aurora is seen below was made with various DSLR cameras and it took about three years to complete, as Blakley says it was “one of the most exciting experiences of my life.”

The in Sweden was the setting for capturing images. Blakley also clarifies that any of his videos and images is applied color correction or similar filters as part of its commitment that “everybody see the northern lights as I see me.”

Link: Lights Over Lapland (via Mashable )

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