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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Science |

Use geoengineering to cool the Earth would be less costly than expected

Use geoengineering to cool the Earth would be less costly than expected

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Solar theories could help cool the Earth and prevent temperature rise due to global warming, filtering the sun’s rays This type of system would have an affordable price, according to a study by a group of scientists in the United States . According to his research, counter some of the effects of change could cost USD $5,000 million a year.

Although managers of the study warn that need further study risks and possible consequences of implementing such a system, evaluated the potential application of a system that aims to induce effects similar to those arising in volcanic eruptions: the dust emitted, remain in the stratosphere to reflect sunlight and decreases the temperature.

Those in charge of the study are Justin McClellan (Aurora Flight Science Corporation), David Keith (Harvard University), and Jay Apt (Carnegie Mellon University), and analyzed the cost of transporting the material needed to achieve this: a million tons of aerosols at a height of 18-25 km.

The three scientists claim that the basic technology already exists and to put this into practice would cost an approximate amount to USD $ 5,000 million per year, 0.03% of GDP ..

After studying the means to do so, they say it’s best to develop a space plane, since current need too costly modifications.

What do other scientists? Most are critical of such theories, because they do not eliminate the problem at all because of global warming, and would be a measure of the compensatory and artificial phenomenon, besides ignoring the consequences, which may be serious in other parts of the world . Those responsible for this theory can not deny it, and they admitted that greenhouse gases and ocean acidity would there.

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