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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Companies |

Users seem to have lost interest in Zynga games

Users seem to have lost interest in Zynga games

The popularity of like Farmville is declining, and people do not seem as interested in playing games from the company. According to consulting firm Cowen & Co, users declined 8% in May, the second consecutive month that recorded a fall.

Investors seem to be as doubtful about the future of the company and its overdependence on Facebook. Though Zynga has interesting mobile games as Draw Something ( after buying OMGPOP ), 90% of users are from. and things, the company’s stock sank under $ 5 for transactions for the first time, closing the day at $ 5.05.

The theory is that many casual players do not use Facebook for fun, but their mobile devices. It is possible that Zynga is not moving fast enough to reach the players.

Link: Zynga shares dive as Facebook game craze wanes (Reuters)

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