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Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Internet | 1 comment

Using Hulu or Spotify outside U.S.

Using Hulu or Spotify outside U.S.

7 years, 8 months and 9 days. That is the amount of time I’ve spent watching television by internet only. No cable or broadcast TV. On February 26, 2005 was recorded in my blog the right time . It’s funny to go back and read my advice and opinions from readers in the comments over seven years ago with the tricks to see shows or movies online. Most solutions involving shady websites that did not always work and more over if you thought you were a naive attempt to immediately see the program you wanted and did not think about getting something in HD. But we finally decide to use the internet as the only source for all our needs content.

In all these years almost everything has changed. Watch TV online is considerably simplified with a multitude of commercial services ranging from to iTunes, plus other services not as legal as the extraordinarily popular Cuevana . I do not even have to think about download content to view later, now all are in the cloud to be viewed at the time you want. All allow you to begin to see a few seconds to put “Play” and some of them even give you the most comprehensive in Full HD 1080p with Dolby Digital 5.1. No matter where in the world you are. Or almost.

While it is amazing to finally have Netflix or iTunes in Latin America , the choice of content is usually far behind the releases you can catch on TV or in the U.S., and while Cuevana if you have the latest series and movies in our view is still a mess to see something and when you do it the quality often leaves much to be desired.

That’s why you’re reading this article. Because you fail to understand that while technically you can play videos or music from anywhere in the world, some content is blocked only for certain countries. Thing is that today there are new tips to see the latest shows and movies U.S. easily and with best quality. Able to use from anywhere in the world services like or gringos channels like Disney, MTV and ESPN. Some of these solutions are paid, some free. In addition we must add to this that we can not only watch TV online, if not now music services “in the cloud” are extraordinary and really in this area there is nothing that compares to – service not yet officially available in Latin America, but futurology says that could soon change .

To use from anywhere in the world these services are only available in the United States you have to make them believe you are in that country. To do that there are basically two easy ways:

  1. Using a technology called VPN to surf like you gringo.
  2. Another system that allows you to do the same only changing your DNS.

We have used both systems for several years and in our opinion, the second is easier and convenient. If you know what a and feel comfortable using the first option, our recommendation is to hire the service of StrongVPN with the plan of $ 55 a year. The big problem with VPN is that generally you can only use your computer, cell or tablet, while changing the can do in virtually any Internet-connected device, including your TV or game console.

(Yes, you can configure some routers with VPN to all your devices browsing as gringos, but all routers can be configured by changing the DNS to nationalize only Americans.)

For the second set, changing your DNS, I discovered that the best service is delivering UnoDNS . In the same page are all the instructions to configure the DNS from any device you want, from an to an Xbox 360, so I will not describe here the complete step by step – you only advance that you change only one or two numbers in the settings of your device and you’re ready. Best of all is that you can try for 8 days without having to pay or enter the details of your credit card, allowing you to immediately create such an account and start Spotify unlimited music without spending a weight only.

With both the result is the same. You can watch series and movies long before they reach your country or access any service blocked only for America – including being able to buy a Nexus 7 to Google as we did, or access to all content blocked the Amazon Kindle . They work incredibly fast and you can see all the HD content – and in our experience does not need a connection above 5 Mbps to view content immediately in the highest possible quality.

A bonus is that some data services like Hulu or Spotify versions have “Premium” which lets you delete commercials or access more content for a monthly payment, but some only accept payment using a credit card issued in the United USA. We did the test by creating a account declaring the country as “USA”, adding a Chilean credit card, but anyone entering an address in the United States and worked flawlessly. Then paying with PayPal, Spotify accept credit card like gringa.

It will be fun to find this item in 7 years and see how much the world has changed. By then, hopefully the ridiculous laws that restrict content by geography are gone once and for all.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I’ve never hear of Unodns but it’s looking amazing. They support UK channels too. I will give it a try.