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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Software |

uTorrent soon include advertising

uTorrent soon include advertising

The new version of the popular comes with a feature that is likely to take some rash among its users: they include advertisements in the client interface.

Already in the facility itself uTorrent could see some options and offers from third parties (the famous toolbar installed that many people almost without noticing), but with this move Advertising reaches another level, a little more invasive than before . Obviously, the program will remain free, and in the same way, those who want to pay $25 Plus version that costs will not see ads or advertising anywhere.

UTorrent ads are, of course, legal downloads and paid for by those who want to promote, also have product offerings and services from BitTorrent. And depending on the geographical location of users, the offers may change.

In explain that this change is due to the need to generate more income, which in recent times has grown considerably. However, BitTorrent does not seem to have liquidity problems, as some sources close to Torrent Freak report that the company has annual revenues of up to 20 million.

Anyway, the reality is that uTorrent will have advertising and may not like it much, though the team behind the customer promises that the experience will not be a nuisance or anything like that. How about this change?

Link: Ad-Supported Becomes uTorrent to Rake in Millions (Torrent Freak)

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