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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Internet | closed voluntarily after being ‘threatened’ by Law Sinde closed voluntarily after being 'threatened' by Law Sinde

For prevention, or fear, makers have decided to close down voluntarily, after receiving notification from the Commission on in charge of “apply” the full weight of the law in Spain.

Explaining the Forum administrators popular links that have reported the initiation of a “safeguard intellectual property rights on the Internet” would have been initiated following a request by the Commission CEDAR administering the Act Sinde, in relationship to various literary links provided by users

“These forums will remain closed as a precautionary measure, having made a backup of the same-up to determine, given the administrative record, how to adapt the activity of the new page to political and legal situation, as less impacting on the fundamental rights of users. “

In the same statement, the leaders of refer to in your photo is not currently hosting any links to copyrighted works, noting similar cases (as Sharemula, TvMix, Emule24horas, Rojadirecta, CVCDGO, Cinegratis, IndiceDonkey, eDonkeymania, Cinetube, Index-Web or QuejasOnline), in which justice agencies have exonerated of responsibility to their managers.

The case reminds me of, of which I spoke last week and where the Intellectual Property Commission ruling that managers are simply “middlemen”, so that while input exonerate them from liability, it does require them to remove the links immediately controversial and not entitled to the defense.

Self-censorship? Everything seems to indicate that yes, because before going to more, the administrators decide to stop providing the service on the to “adjust” to the new political and legal situation, probably for fear of the repercussions that a judgment of the Commission that administers the application of the law might impose antidescargas …

And try to say that anque adapted so as little as possible to affect the rights of users, this was precisely one of the things we feared would bring Law: What Webs administrators end up acting as a sort of ” police “to censor users to share links.


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