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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Hardware |

VAIO T Series at a Glance

VAIO T Series at a Glance

The idea behind a Ultrabook is able to work anywhere, with a lightweight, compact but at the same time can offer as much performance as possible. It is logical that on a laptop in this class we do not get much processing power, but what ultimately is being achieved is quite amazing.

The Ultrabook T Series comes in two sizes 11 and 13 inches and practically with the same configuration.

Technical Data

The T-Series includes an Intel Core i5 to boost up 2.60Mhz 1.7Mhz, which means more processing power light at the cost of the battery. 4GB of RAM expandable to 8GB if desired port for Memory Stick and SD card video output HDMI, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 for super high speed output for the monitor and their respective inputs for microphone and hearing aids.

Your hard drive is 320GB and also has a 32GB SSD, you do not know, the SSD or Solid State Drive are hard disks that work like a USB memory, which allows the computer to access data much more rapid.


This duality of drives allows the user to store enough while gaining speed in processing. With the SSD boot Windows takes seconds and retrieve the session from hibernation occurs is a blink of an eye. The specification of Sony says that you should leave hibernation in no more than 7 seconds, but a test was achieved in about 3 seconds to do For what good is this? Well, I used to show your presentations immediately, to take notes quickly, to communicate with someone or access need to review documents at the time.

Its video processor Intel HD 4000 stdout allows you to view HD video with the Sony software included and you can even edit HD video without any problem.

Like the other models, this team has the Exmor technology that allows you to control certain functions of certain programs, for example, in Media Go you can advance your song, raise or lower the volume. With Internet Explorer you can give “back” with your hand to the page you were previously or, in your photo gallery you can advance to the next image or, back to a previous. Yes, it’s a bit like Kinect and not very useful but some people find it fun.

Its aluminum finish is well done and makes it light, both models vary a kilo and a half weight, which is fine if you’re going to be carrying all day in your backpack, even the same design is meant to Ultrabook rough use and that the lower edge of the screen to open a few millimeters provides extra lift to below the Ultrabook can ventilate better.

Something I noticed about this series if T is that the screen does not feel very stiff, that is, to lift with one hand and open it felt a little loose the LCD, but may be due to the use we have given, we will be more sure once we have a team of factory direct.

The 11-inch model will cost AUD $ 12.999 and 13 inches USD $ 13.999 which is not bad for what it offers and when compared with other computers on the same segment.

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