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Posted by on Jun 6, 2012 in Hardware |

VAIO Z Series at a Glance

VAIO Z Series at a Glance

This is the most luxurious series Sony, both components and materials used for the finishes are of higher quality, well, not that the components of other equipment of poor quality but, now read the list because suddenly understood the cost goes up so much.

The z Series comes in one size that is 13 inches. Its just 1,165 kilos of weight harbor an Intel Core i5 second generation turbo up to 2.50Ghz 3.10ghz, 6GB RAM, 128GB Solid State Drive, Premium LED screen and battery that delivers up to 8 hours. Of course it has a USB 2.0 port and one USB 3.0 to transfer data at high speed.

So far it seems a Ultrabook normal, but the finish is aluminum with carbon fiber resistant oversights accidents you have, has an external DVD burner called Power Media Dock that looks amazing in combo and additionally has a graphics processor with 1GB of dedicated memory, giving you that extra power you need to run some, only some video games.

Its backlit keyboard works with a light sensor, if the keyboard is turned dark and a bright light is turned off to conserve battery power. Like the T series lights in less than 15 seconds and thanks to the SSD is less likely to lose your information.

VAIO Z Series at a Glance image 2


The Z series looks and feels great, the Power Dock Media helps you improve performance and frankly until it looks better Ultrabook, your screen is looks great and the size and weight is ideal for bringing in backpack (the end that is resistant).

This device lets you connect specific multi-monitor or HDTV while using the HDMI output using Mini D output and more using the HDMI output that comes in the Power Media Dock. If you’re a designer this will help much but you’d have to get as many monitors.

VAIO Z Series at a Glance image 3

The big “but” you have this machine is the SDD. Just 128GB of storage and, unless you decide to buy an external hard drive which would be a great idea, actually do not have much storage space, just for your work and you should constantly be supporting. Then there is the cost of equipment. In Mexico, the Z Series is priced at USD $ 31.999 which is quite high.

The Z series looks great and is intended to put up a lifestyle quite heavy, but the cost definitely makes you stop to think twice if you need something this light.

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