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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Software |

Valve confirms Steam beta version for Linux in October

Valve confirms Steam beta version for Linux in October

Materialize what thousands of users were waiting for a long time. announced that quotas for 1000 will test the beta or test version of for Linux; manager game that has traditionally been available only on Windows and Mac OS X not long.

This also means the arrival of the Source graphics engine, which gives life to the company’s own titles also are popular, such as Half Life, Portal and Team Fortress, among many others. What will be done in the first instance is to open a page for all interested can register for the Beta of Steam, choosing to 1,000 lucky we can see first hand the work from October, exclusively using Ubuntu 12.04 distribution .

It all started with rumors five months ago , which later became actual tests and subsequent official confirmation of the arrival of Steam to Linux-based operating systems. Valve, the company responsible for the development of such a transmission, it all began to promise the game Left 4 Dead 2 and Steam for the same year 2012 , which runs faster in this system than Windows itself .

Link: Steam for Linux entering private beta in October for just 1.000 users (Engadget)

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