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Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Internet |

Verax: The short film dedicated to Edward Snowden

Verax: The short film dedicated to Edward Snowden

The Snowdenmania not stop, and as happened with and its figurehead, , the effect on society of the information is so broad that it has broken the political and diplomatic barriers aim to be a future icon, and that which has not yet been decided by the country shall be filed, if he leave Moscow without being seen, although we are not quite sure where he might be at this time.

Perhaps the ideal of nobility who mobilized to violate confidentiality agreements signed by the world to spread the news of this great digital spy network, is a cornerstone of his fame. The truth is that this exhibition has generated appearances on Prime Time of all kinds of daily media, and even a diplomatic row that nearly ended in scandal after several European countries ban to allow the plane to land official Bolivia and its President and all.

Now, former analyst and that left these organisms exposed to a question both officials and society at large, was recreated by a group of directors of Hong Kong amateurs in a short film that takes the pen name for which was known to the NSA Snowden: Verax.

During the five-minute short film, played by the incredibly similar English actor and teacher based in Hong Kong, Andrew Cromeek, the story focuses on the final minutes that Snowden is contacted with a medium to reveal the information and how it would have been the situation if the CIA along with Chinese security and a reporter had tried to find the former agent before the interview.

Link: Hong Kong filmmakers to make Snowden first movie (Bangkok Post)

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