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Posted by on Jul 21, 2012 in Companies |

Viacom channels DirecTV again and put an end to the dispute

Viacom channels DirecTV again and put an end to the dispute

After 10 days in which Viacom channels went black , cluster, and finally reached an and operator in the United States restored 17 of the 23 signs of the chain owns Nickelodeon.

The figures of the new contract have not been made public yet, but it is speculated that could get $600 million annually through the arrangement. In addition, the channels could not reset meaning you a lot of extra money for people on request and DirecTV want to add your grill, but because it signals some “duplicate” of the original, perhaps the demand for them not too important.

In DirecTV, beyond the term of the dispute, appear to have been very happy with the way in which things happened. In an official Comunicad, the company regretted the actions of Viacom who bombed straight against the rights of customers, but the best for them is that “users it was clear that the tactic of blocking their signals Viacom was only to draw attention. “

What DirecTV wins? In addition to recovering the channels, subscribers can access the program content of Viacom in phones and tablets, thanks to DirecTV platform Everywhere. But beyond this agreement, is the feeling that the real winners here were the shareholders of Viacom.

Link: Viacom channels return to DirecTV at a cost of $ 600M per year more (Venture Beat)

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