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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Hardware News |

VIBOX launches a gaming PC valued at $ 15.000

VIBOX launches a gaming PC valued at $ 15.000

If you ever wanted to buy the most powerful market, because you have to think first about how to raise the $ 15,000 it costs to V.

The super PCs for extreme gamers, not sold just around the corner. Not even known sold in commercial stores specializing in informatics. We’re talking about a super computer for extreme gamers.

Build a PC with 4 cards, and with full overclocking, ie overclock the processor and video card, you can not do either, because it requires some skill in DIY, to know making the necessary changes, especially in this case, which has assembled a dual cooling system loop.

VIBOX, is a British company specializing in PC settings for gamers, and is known for putting together unusual PCs for gaming enthusiasts. And this time, launched the VIBOX Killer V, the most powerful super computer set so far, and they claim, is the world’s fastest.

Without further ado, here the specifications as to lose his breath:

  • 4 Titan GTX in SLI, overclocked to 1175 MHz
  • Processor: i7 3970x overclocked to 5.0 GHz
  • Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
  • RAM: 64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866MHz, CL 10
  • SSD: 2x Kingston HyperX 240GB in Raid 0
  • Source: Supernova EVGA NEX 1500W PSU
  • Case: Temjin TJ11
  • Liquid cooling system EK Dual Loop
  • Mayhems Aurora Coolant

Trailer VIBOX presentation of the Killer V

Process of assembling the PC in fast

Link: VIBOX has Launched its flagship Liquid Cooled GTX Titan Quad SLI rig, the Killer V! ( / NVIDIA_UK)

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