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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Science |

Video: DARPA device that can put out the fire using sound

Video: DARPA device that can put out the fire using sound

Do not ask me why, but when I read this news could not stop thinking about the panels that stunned the Incredible Hulk. This concept of applied physics instead of chemistry to extinguish a is not new, but no one had advanced in the development of a device to work this way.

is studying the possibility of applying these models to future military devices to improve the control of fires in enclosed areas or very little access.

The Flame Acoustic suppresion can be seen screaming in the video, is a two loudspeakers placed one on each side of a fuel source. The sound increases air velocity, which disrupts the flame. Also causes increased fuel vaporization, thereby increasing the area of the flame while the temperature drops.

Although the project “sounds” interesting, DARPA support is not quite sure how it will use, as to serve a really useful function should operate at a much larger scale.

Link: Video: DARPA puts out device to fire with blast of sound (PopSci)

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