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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Entertainment, Science |

Video: Relive the jump in which Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier

Video: Relive the jump in which Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier

Felix Baumgartner’s name already appears in history as the first human to break the with his body: The Austrian parachutist launched from more than 38,900 meters of altitude , in a historic leap that the world could follow live through Internet.

In his first comments after the jump, Baumgartner has highlighted the difficulty of the mission and said that while he thought for a few seconds “I’d lose the sense (…) From the point of view of consciousness, I always knew what was going “noting that:

“I have not felt this blow sonic, I think that goes behind one, was too busy maintaining control. I have no idea if I’ve flown through the barrier (the sound), “he said.

Stat: In the first 40 seconds of freefall parachutist would have accelerated up to 1173 kilometers per hour, which would have broken the sound barrier in the stratosphere, where the speed of sound is about 1110 kilometers an hour in the least resistance air, while the Earth’s atmosphere is the sound speed of 1,234 kilometers per hour, as highlighted in “The World” based on information provided by those responsible for the mission.

So clearly: Baumgartner has achieved its main goal and thus made history, but perhaps you missed it because it tweeting or because the nerves would not let you follow the live broadcast … But do not worry! The video of the jump is on the Net, and here we have found one good quality:

Remember that to get the challenge, Baumgartner had a number of technologies that Cony explained in detail here , and that included the largest helium balloon in the world, which will raise a capsule into the stratosphere, at a height that exceeds more than four times that of Mount Everest.

It is noteworthy that in addition to becoming a legend, this jump is a series of contributions to the creation of better costumes, innovation in the development of parachute, creating protocols altitude exposure and acceleration, while allowing learn more on the effects on the human body acceleration and deceleration from it.

Definitely a historic day for humanity, do not you think? Now get to see what the next target of Baumgartner and team Red Bull: Getting to Mars? Do you gamble?

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