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Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Science |

Vinton Cerf praised the legacy of Alan Turing for computation

Vinton Cerf praised the legacy of Alan Turing for computation

(Cc) Guido van Nispen

Vinton Cerf , one of the “fathers” of the Internet, hopes that the celebrations in honor of to be developed this year as the centenary of his birth, will make Turing is known beyond the community of computer scientists. Cerf wrote a column for the BBC , praising the work and the legacy left by this pioneer of computing.

According to Cerf, Turing “lit the way” for all those involved in the technology industry. “Theirs is a story of breathtaking highs and devastating fall. A story of math genius whose insight helped save thousands of lives, but could not save himself from social condemnation, with tragic results , “he said.

This June 23 marks the 100th anniversary of his birth in the UK, an occasion that is celebrated with a conference in Manchester and an exhibition at the London Science Museum, which displays various artifacts from the era of mathematics. Cerf hopes that these tributes “Turing help make a hero and a household name beyond the technical community that honors his memory.”

Cerf was also his personal connection with Turing -’s the same day and scheduled the first machine was a Bendix G15, inspired by the Automatic Engine (ACE) that Turing developed.

“Had he lived to see 2012, one wonders what would have thought, and what new ideas have challenged us to think. As my own journey to computers and networks continues to grow, I am wondering and hoping that Turing was still with us to inquire, “he said.

Link: Alan Turing: Why the tech world’s hero Should be a Household name (BBC)

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