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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Venture |

Vipermed: the platform of doctor-patient interaction created by Uruguayan professionals

Vipermed: the platform of doctor-patient interaction created by Uruguayan professionals

In a real life situation, as in so many good ideas came the motivation to create Vipermed, a platform for the doctor and patient can interact during kinesiological processes without having to travel or suffer long bureaucratic process to get shifts or treatments.

Ignacio Olivieri is a parent of this development and that, after suffering a fractured tibia and fibula noted the tremendous contrasts between care in public and private, non-professional level but at the time of rehabilitation: “While I was already doing rehabilitation exercises for two months with a private physician in the new Public Mutual was asking me to stop me.”

This experience allowed him to learn the processes of care and monitoring of a patient in rehab and note that without the resources to be served by a private practitioner, many people suffered long and tedious delays in their treatment.

Olivieri with Ignacio and Ignacio Perrone Oliazola developed a management platform that enables physicians to create a patient history, upload information about your treatment and interact with them recommending exercises, routines or last-minute changes.

In developing the physical therapist is working for the national team football, Walter Ferreira, whom I consider the project as very encouraging for a process as critical as that of a sports injury rehabilitation, which could out-compete any patient in if poorly crafted.

Vipermed team said that the doctor does not intend to lose control of the patient or the annulment of the real interaction, on the contrary. The doctor may have visual and interactive tools to explain to the patient what you have, so that it can be continuous monitoring, even for people from remote areas to clinics or rehabilitation centers.

Vipermed is in a second stage of development, which will provide a rehabilitation system through the Microsoft platform, so that the patient interacts with a set of exercises for recovery similar to a game console.

Link: Uruguayan web platform created to empower kinesiological treatments (AeTecno)

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