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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Science |

virtual reality goggles that help people with visual disabilities

Spain: virtual reality goggles that help people with visual disabilities

c @ UC3M

Newer technologies to help people with vision problems. Some time ago we talked about a system for the blind could realize the objects through sound. And another system which relied on the sense of touch . Now it is a solution proposed by researchers at the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) that helps people who have a moderate visual impairment to detect the shape of the objects and the distance you are.

Specifically: is designed for people with visual field loss and they can not perceive what it is. It also includes those who sometimes can not distinguish objects by a contrast problem. With no other help, these people would not detect objects and crash into them.

What is the device that have developed? In a virtual reality helmet, that is, a device HMD (Head Mounted Display), with two cameras and has the help of a small computer to process the images.

And what makes this system useful, they have developed an algorithm that helps researchers calculate the distance and the outlines of objects. The next step is clear: To present the user in real time the information.

How do you do? By two microdisplays in which highlights the shape of objects by a color which depends directly on the distance to which they are found.

As you get closer to objects, the color and thickness of the line that marks the objects as well: It is made thinner or thicker.

According to Professor Vergaz, project, that is precisely the type of information they were hoping to patients who need these aids: A calculation of the distances given information about depth.

Now we just try to see how effective it can be and make corrections. At first they are doing about the sunglasses holder “smart”. If all goes well, which is intended to make it a handy device that is not cumbersome to carry and use for users.

But it is the only project in which they work these researchers. They are also designing a virtual or electronic magnifier for users to lose less when reading a text. In this case, the invention is designed for people with vision loss in the central field, which is typical of macular degeneration that usually results from age.

Here you have a video on the two devices in case you are curious.

Link: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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