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Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Software |

Virus that plays AC/DC attacks Iranian nuclear plant

Virus that plays AC / DC attacks Iranian nuclear plant

(Cc) Kilian Arjona

Not only Stuxnet and Flame wreak havoc on Iran’s facilities. A new cyber caused the computer facilities at Natanz and Fordo is put to play “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC blaring in the middle of the night, according to F-Secure Labs

This is a network worm that attacked the plant automation, according to an email sent by a scientist from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, quoted in F-Secure blog .

The company, based in Finland, said he could not verify the attack described in the mail, although he confirmed that came from the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization.

If you started playing Music of AC/DC, this attack was not trying to be subtle, as if it were Stuxnet or Flame, released by the U.S. government against Iran’s nuclear program.

Mikko Hypponen, head of security at F-Secure said the scientist received three emails on 22 July from the same direction. Making a name search on the internet, found “many nuclear science papers published by someone with that name.” Although we can not confirm that the person who sent the e-be who they say, the email address corresponding to where said come.

Link: Iran nuclear plant hit by virus, playing AC / DC, website says (BusinessWeek)

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