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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Software |

VLC resources on Kickstarter looking to create app for Windows 8

VLC resources on Kickstarter looking to create app for Windows 8

The player is seeking funding on Kickstarter to create a version of the software for and Windows RT. The current version of the program works now on the desk in the new Microsoft operating system, and can not run in the RT version. The idea is to create a version of “meter” (or “modern”).

The funds collected will allow people from VLC team working full time on the project, in addition to hiring professional designers to polish the new interface. The team hopes to USD $ 64,100, and expects to complete the first draft in three months.

The Windows version for ARM and RT is not available in the first stage, it would be launched later. Create a Windows version RT presents some problems, VLC said, because there are a lot of calls from APIs that are banned by Microsoft, which could cause your application is not accepted in store. “We will do our best to achieve a successful publication in the store, for a side discharge is not necessary,” they said.

The request for money via is new to VLC, which had hitherto relied on voluntary donations from users on your website to continue development.

Link: VLC for the new Windows 8 user experience (Kickstarter)

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