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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Gadgets |

Vuzix Smart Glass M100, another competition to Google Glass

Vuzix Smart Glass M100, another competition to Google Glass

Google Glass, augmented reality glasses that caused a sensation at the event Google I / O in June this year, did not go unnoticed by the competition, having already some “imitations” of the concept (which is quite general) in the market, as For the Olympus MEG4.0 . So, now we see another alternative made by the company under the name Smart Glass M100.

The concept is to provide a monitor or external viewer “hands-free” four inches for the smartphone, which is connected via Bluetooth or WiFi. But the lenses work autonomously, as have its own microprocessor that drives the operating system Android. In both cases, the user will see the four inches in front of your eye lens, and will also have controls for voice or gestures to activate functions.

The device comes with a position sensor and tilt of the head, as well as GPS to help the geo-positioning of the person while using mobile applications or on the lenses themselves, also have 3G connectivity and from where you can surf the Internet and check email when we are not connected to a phone.

When? They will be available by mid next year, a little humble price of USD $ 1,000.

Link: Vuzix M100 Smart Glass To Take On Google’s Project Glass (PHOTOS) (Huffington Post)

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