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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Entertainment |

Want to become a millionaire with Youtube? You will need one billion views

Want to become a millionaire with Youtube?  You will need one billion views

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could make happy to South Korean Park Jae-Sang, 34, for two reasons: He’s about to be a millionaire only gains you meant the more than 800 million visits to its video and already snatched the historical record of visits Justin Bieber at puberty.

Yeah, do not get angry, talk about the father of Gangnam Style, Korean PSY, whom we see in the soup, but thanks to the phenomenon that produced his lysergic step, only YouTube ad, his video has already raised $870,000, which added to the sales of your topic by iTunes, a humble $ 1.29 per download, could reach $8 million in a few days.

But, as the proverb says, no one is a prophet in his own land. singer is about to become a millionaire just by what you earn through Youtube, and has won plenty of money through iTunes, but very little of that money comes from his country, South Korea.

The analysis estimated earnings for the artist was made by The Associated Press with public information and industry estimates. In South Korea will get less than $ 60,000 for his song downloads online. In the United States has been downloaded 2.7 million times and has been in the number one spot and second place almost every week since its release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Of the proceeds, at U.S. $ 1.29 per download, keeps 30%.

The 880 million visits to its video, daily growing and is expected by 2013 to reach one billion views, not only surpassed the 808 million times viewed “Baby” Justin Bieber’s blonde but has also made earn about $ 1 million to in commercials at the beginning of the video.

The Internet also generated viral tail of the phenomenon, which will have about 33 thousand related to the original.

A level views, the country with the highest number of visitors is the U.S., followed by Thailand and South Korea. The problem is that, despite having been seen many times in his native country as Youtube says director in Seoul, “ad fees vary depending on the country in which it plays. Therefore, in developing countries the videos earn much less than in developed countries. “

Link: PSY wins by Youtube (El Universal)

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