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Posted by on Nov 22, 2012 in Economy |

Want to take advantage of Black Friday? Follow these tips to buy anywhere in the world

Want to take advantage of Black Friday?  Follow these tips to buy anywhere in the world

Nothing left to start in the United States. This time the country’s largest stores offer significant discounts on their products, so that consumers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of “Black Friday” to be what they are looking at ridiculously low prices.

Although this day, in which everyone turns buying like crazy, it’s just in the U.S., thanks to the Internet we can also access the tempting offers of international stores, but to buy the first thing is to have a or an account with the payment service PayPal .

Another important issue is to have a box in the United States as we recommend in this guide on how to buy in the U.S. . These boxes can get them on services like HotExpress , UltraBox , SkyBox and Aeropost .

Leverages Digital Promotions

But if you do not want to worry about the office, digital promotions where there is no need to purchase tangible objects. Last year we were on sale gift cards from iTunes , you could buy at a price of $ 80, but you had $ 100 to buy what you want at the Apple music store.

You can also find these opportunities in other digital services, like buying web domains, offers downloadable movies or digital service you like.

“Black Friday” in other countries

Besides the United States, other Latin American countries have wanted to continue the tradition of Black Friday and have their own local deals. In Mexico the simile Black Friday is known as “El Buen Fin”, of which I spoke a few days ago .

Paraguay also had a simile of “Black Friday” a few months ago in Ciudad del Este, specifically in May, where there were discounts from 20% to 70% at more than 700 stores, in a 4-day selloff .

Where and how to buy?

If you’re new to this Black Friday, we recommend you go to the safest shopping in stores that have a good reputation for customer service, as does Amazon.

As a tip, do not expect the day of the sale to create your accounts at stores you are interested in buying. Ideally, get informed about sales system which uses each of the stores and create an account with PayPal to make your payment much safer, but you just need to have an account at the store of your choice and card credit, we recommend using the payment system PayPal because it is much safer, as this service does not provide your details to your counterparty to the transaction and only generate payment to the store, this without involving your billing.

Also, you should be clear about what you want to buy, make a list and define how much you spend to avoid later regret your decisions, resulting tempting offers.

Beware of bad experiences

In a personal case, I made a purchase in August by service PopMarket, using a terrific offer collection disks that were half price. The problem is that this offer lasted only 24 hours, I made the purchase and shipment would arrive in three weeks. Mala was my surprise to find out that what I had bought was out of stock and had to wait for another shipment arrived to bring buyers disks. So far I only know that I will not have my records until a few months, that’s why I advise you well informed of where to buy and if the store where you made your purchase has the stock page says.

The difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is an instance where you can buy products at low cost, whether in the physical store (if you’re in the U.S.) and through the websites of every trade, unlike Cyber Monday, where you can only buy through internet.

These sales are made on this date – after Thanksgiving – because U.S. stores start preparing for Christmas, almost completely revamping its stock. That’s why this sale is ideal for you to buy your Christmas presents in advance and at very low cost, and so does not have to worry later.

If you want more tips on how to buy the Internet, check this comprehensive guide we have for you. Meanwhile, what are the best places to buy products? Share the best deals with us.

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