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Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Internet |

Warn employees of the Pentagon to stop viewing pornography

(CC) mikecogh

The Executive Director of the Missile Defense Agency at the Pentagon , John James Jr., sent a memo to a page warning employees not to continue using government computers to access sites about potential risks.

“These actions are not only unprofessional, but also take time that should be devoted to work, are a violation of existing regulations, consume bandwidth and can compromise network security by filtering malware or malicious code,” says James Jr. in the memo.

A computer security expert from the U.S. government claimed that many sites are infected and criminals or security services of other countries like Russia used to collect network information from government or private companies.

So you know, secret agents known to RedTube and understand internet memes on Brazzers.

Link: Missile Defense Agency Employees to stop watching tells porn at work (The Verge)

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