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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Social Networks |

Was just on to Orkut? Google + launches unified profiles

Was just on to Orkut? Google + launches unified profiles

was never very popular in the world, but the Brazilians were to favorites – over Facebook – for a while. Those who were still in the social network apparently begin to be relocated to +, and the first step was announced today through a “unified profile,” which shares the postings on both at once.

The option must be activated, and although nothing is said that Orkut will disappear, it is possible that the unification of profiles have major consequences. For example, the use of strange names, allowed on Orkut, Google + are prohibited .

Obviously the idea raises concern about the future of Orkut. What is the sense for Google to maintain two social networks? Orkut How to be the strategy of unification of services is the company’s Mountain View?

The option to link profiles is optional at the moment, “you can decide if you want it or not,” said Google, so perhaps the move is not as user-enforced now.

Link: Google finally starts linking Google + with Orkut (The Next Web)

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