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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Gadgets |

Washable Keyboard Logitech K310: A keyboard waterproof, dust and shock

Washable Keyboard Logitech K310: A keyboard waterproof, dust and shock

For many years it is common to read the rating “waterproof” in makeup, property that has slowly come to gadgets such as mobile terminals, cameras, and even keyboards: launches new Keyboard K310 which can be submerged survives and safely.

In the same line of SUVs mobile manufacturers have launched some, Logitech keyboard bet almost indestructible, as well as being to dust and liquid splashes, allowing even be washed by hand and to be submerged in up to 28 inches deep. Yes, the manufacturer says that the USB cable must not be submerged in case anyone is encouraged to buy and want to do the test, as already noted.

Explained from Logitech that specific holes for drainage located on the back of the keyboard are those which facilitate drying, and as the keys are laser-etched and have a special coating to prevent erasure with washing, for there is no problem with the abuse.

Prices and availability?? It goes on sale in the coming days in the United States at a price of 40 euros, while Spain will have to wait until October when it will make its grand entrance in these parts trade at 39.90 euros. On landing in America I have no details yet …

Yes, I know it is not a cheapie keyboard, but apparently that is able to support, it may be an option, especially if you are someone who is mislead with a soda or coffee to accompany sleepless nights at the computer, or if you pay your frustrations throwing things: This keyboard resists your anger, if not believe me, look their promotional video:

Link: Say Goodbye to Crumbs and Sticky Typing with the New Logitech K310 Keyboard Washable (Blog of Logitech)

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