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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Science |

Water and sound artist controls via brain waves

Water and sound artist controls via brain waves

By a headband that transmits its own brain waves, the Korean artist Lisa Park held a demonstration controlling and moving water through orders shipped directly from his mind.

The system based on a headband EEG (Electroencephalography) is designed to track the different frequencies of brain activity, delta, theta, alpha and beta, as well as eye movements. These data are converted into sound waves and transmitted through five speakers that act as a carrier for water bowls you see in the video.

According to Lisa brain patterns sent by each hearing aid, water performs various movements, which differ by the type of emotion that tries to convey the artist in each shipment, sadness, anger, hatred, desire, or happiness.

The artistic performance named “Eunoia”, which in Greek means “beautiful thinking” brain frequencies measured Lisa in relation to their state of consciousness, at the exact moment that the uses.

The information processing is also performed in real time and is converted through Max / MSP (visual programming environment for music applications) to sounds generated with Reaktor (software for the design and creation of digital instruments).

Link: Artist EEG headset to use to manipulate water (dvice)

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