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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Software |

We have more than 13,000 applications for Windows 8

We have more than 13,000 applications for Windows 8

On October 26 was officially launched 8, bringing their new ecosystem UI (ex-Metro) and therefore an environment for creating dedicated to this interface, separating from those we see in the traditional desktop. Thus, and as mobile operating systems, part of the success is in the number of applications available, giving greater choice to the user.

And while has not yet provided official figures, independent analysts have estimated the number of tools available called Windows Store, which came a day Tuesday to 12,895, surpassing the expectations of many given the short life span that carries platform.

Thus, we can conclude that this time and should be more than 13,000 applications available, which speaks not only moderate success among developers, who have been enthusiastic about the project of Windows 8, but also the initiative Microsoft to make available the software several months ago for free, warming the atmosphere for this release showing good numbers from the start.

Link: Unofficial Windows Store app to count over 12.000 Increases (Neowin)

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