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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Internet |

Websites could be required to submit data on their “Trolls” in England

Surely many more websites have ever been the target of malicious comments by trolls . Normally that is the internet, however, a bill introduced in seek to implement tough on these people, calling on the websites that deliver the user data that is behind these bad reviews.

The says that people have a right to know who is behind defamatory messages against him, without the need to provide costly court cases, they occur in web libel. This is why sites like Facebook , for example, will have to deliver the IP and possibly user data that is doing this kind of bullying.

In response to this new measure, came forward to the advocates who fear that these pages are taken too seriously what the government and start being asked to disclose intimate information of its registered.

Last week a British woman had to come to court for Facebook agreed to provide data on the subject that he sent harassing messages, so it could be processed. The social network agreed not to provide this background in the first instance, it is likely that this new have to provide data as soon as possible. The problem could sucitarse if someone starts to ask other users’ data without sufficient justification.

Link: Websites to be Forced to Identify Measures under new trolls (BBC News)

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