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Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in Hardware News |

Western Digital brings huge economic gains And the crisis?

Western Digital brings huge economic gains And the crisis?

Things are getting rare. And here we do not want to enter or develop theories that sound baseless conspiracy, but hard evidence is very, very revealing. For Western Digital, a company engaged in the manufacture of hard disks, announced its financial results for the last three months of this year, which are too good.

We say this because as they communicate to the press, things are bad in the long run, however, the financial figures indicate otherwise: total sales of USD $ 4,800 million and net in the pocket of $748 million for the period covering the last just three months ago, while totals for the entire fiscal year 2012 totaling USD $12,500 million in total sales and $1,600 million in profits.

And is that while suspicions have been raised about whether it is true or not the “crisis of the hard disks”, with theories that speak of Western Digital and Seagate have formed a duopoly in the field , dominating all the shares in the lines production and distribution of products, controlling prices and generating excessive profits under the guise of the floods in Thailand that occurred nine months ago.

Link: Western Digital Announces Record Financial Results (Tweak Town)

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