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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Hardware News |

Western Digital releases 2TB external drive to USD $900

Western Digital releases 2TB external drive to USD $ 900

has been perhaps the only company adopted strong connectivity via Thunderbolt. And it was not, if they helped design the protocol. That is why the manufacturers of external devices have been rather timid when launching new products, and when they do, they point to the niche of users, who are supposed able to pay high prices.

That is why now Western Digital announced the release of MyBook external HDD VelociRaptor Duo, which comes under a price of $ 900 (with that almost you buy a Mac). This is explained by the presence of two hard drives of 1TB each, rotating at 10,000 rpm, with the ability to set in RAID0 or RAID1, allowing transfer speeds 400MB/seg at best.

Its use is intended to be on par with Mac OS X, providing support for backups via Time Machine, along with offering the ability to chain multiple MyBook Duo to arm VelociRaptor configuracioens safer storage. If you can afford it …

Link: Western Digital VelociRaptor MyBook Duo: Thunderbolt, 2TB capacity, and a whopping $ 900 price tag (Enagdget)

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