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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Software |

What a great time to be a Windows fanboy

What a great time to be a Windows fanboy

There are dozens of kinds of fanboys, you know, the very focused on showing their enthusiasm for a class of software, brand or device. Fanboy from the objective point of view that there is, at any time I want you to understand that fanboy is a word derogatory, because it is not.

I like to believe that a true fanboy is a “fan”, an enthusiast who is able to distinguish between what someone does well with what he does wrong. The first people to try something of a brand but they are the first to complain and demand better service from the brand who are fans. And if you’re a fanboy, this is your moment.

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Microsoft enthusiasts have always been the least noise made online, always constrained by a number of products such as ME, Windows Vista or Zune up made them look very weird people. How can you be a fan of Microsoft? The same people who created Microsoft Bob, Clippy, Hotmail or Zune.

But everything began to pick up with the first and second generation Xbox, the console and acquisitions as Danger, they did slowly change Microsoft’s vision of a service business software to something different. Even the perception of Microsoft began to change for many people to see what they could make a product as good as Xbox, why would not they do something similar with Windows?

Metro Zune to language

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Microsoft Zune HD

Zune is the product that changed everything in Microsoft. In a time when there was even Windows Phone and a half dozen different visual languages ​​within the most famous products of Microsoft, this player is introduced as the second piece of software / hardware that Microsoft sold to consumers.

But Zune, though it was a product that was sold only in countries like U.S. and Canada, unfinished being at all successful, was the missing piece to realize that maintaining the same direction in all products was what Microsoft could serve to survive at the top over the next decade.

Zune introduced the fundamentals of “Metro visual language”, what we now know as “Modern UI” or the interface can be seen in Windows Phone, Windows 8, Xbox and other applications. But is that this new visual language has been a great refresher for all Microsoft products and the fact that for PCs and mobile.

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At the time of submission, Windows Phone 7 was something different, a first version of the new Microsoft operating system for smartphones, completely rebuilt based on what was learned with Zune and the vision of a single language for all Microsoft products. Not that Windows Phone 7 was the best on the market, the truth is that had significant gaps where iOS and Android still had a significant advantage, but since then, Windows Phone has not stopped improving to current versions 8.x.

Thanks to present something different and with the support of Nokia, Microsoft has made Windows Phone operating system is the third, beating BlackBerry.

Windows Phone going to Windows 8, the movement stronger and different that Microsoft has done in years. Probably never know the impact that Microsoft has made Windows 8, making the most used operating system in the world in a hybrid touch screens and software for PCs lifetime. The change was so abrupt, so different, that the adoption of Windwos 8 is in question. I can not judge anyone who does not like Windows 8, after decades using a desktop that we can now call “traditional”, you completely change what you have been using for years is a hard blow to your brain, as well as for many Windows 7 remains and will remain a straw to cling to the future of Windows.

The newly launched is probably what should be Windows 8, a better transition for those who are still stuck in the Windows 7 desktop, but want to upgrade.

Reasons to be excited about Microsoft products

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Microsoft may not be the quickest to launch new products, but you may notice an excitation between the world of developers with and Windows Phone 8, plus all the new features, APIs and new gadgets with these operating systems are available for everyone, so it seems that Microsoft is a different company that wants to make things right, or at least, to see that things are different.

There are two Microsoft, the first is the one that everyone knows and dragging an image bearing decades. A gray company that makes products that everyone uses but are not entirely happy with it, we can not deny that Microsoft has been one of those companies that worst communicated and were impenetrable. Then there is another Microsoft, which tries to open to the public, listening (because they have no other choice) and trying to make everyone understand that they are different.

A couple of years ago I could go to the offices that Microsoft is in Redmond, Seattle, as part of a program for media in trying to give talks with leading developers and evangelists. An attempt that Microsoft media and people in the mix and you can see the changes that exist in the company. Knowing Microsoft offices was an experience, but I saw something that most people can not access and is enthusiasm and a real generational change in Microsoft as part of all this change. It is refreshing to see product managers talk about how important it is to design the interface for a Smartphone or as it is important to stay focused on the detail, give quality to a product by an experience does not generate problems.

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Windows 8.1 is an example. People want the Start button back, Microsoft has heard, but instead of giving the same button, they have managed to make something different. The famous case of and his change of opinion regarding the console must be connected every 24 hours , it is also a sign that, although late, they listen.

Windows Phone is gaining traction in the smartphone market, Windwos 8 is something completely new and future based Microsoft during the next ten years, is a search engine that is slowly but steadily improving, Xbox One attempt to remain the console most used in the world while enjoying it a lot PlayStation 4 Xbox worshipers, Surface tablets are the first Microsoft who still have a lot to say, … well, Office is Office. Microsoft has changed and is showing that you can do things differently and as they continue this pace and not be afraid to change and take risks with products that use a form of change, Microsoft will remain in the technology elite.

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