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Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

What do they have in common social networks and ants? There is an algorithm that explains it

What do they have in common social networks and ants? There is an algorithm that explains it

cc @ UC3M

At first glance, it may occur to us to say that bring together many people relate to each other and this makes it look like a big mound. But no. Indeed, what unites the ants with social networks is an called SoSACO developed by researchers at the University Carlos III of Madrid.

What is? SoSaco inspiration is the behavior of ants as they forage. This algorithm builds relationships … in milliseconds!

What is the main challenge that we can find in social networks? Knowing that relates contact with another, an account with another: Social networking is huge and complex, is therefore increasingly difficult to respond quickly to user needs and locate references that lead from one person to another. This speeds up the search log.

For example: To know the similarities between two users. Or on Facebook. But tens of milliseconds.

It is not just to seek relationships quickly, also take into account the need to adapt to changes that occur whenever: broken links, new information … a lot of possibilities that make the search in a complex network is difficult .

What more can use this algorithm as well as social networks? Such as a route to locate the GPS systems, because even if the user is diverted to the use of this algorithm is not necessary to recalculate the route.

Can also be used to plan the deliveries of heavy goods vehicles, or online gaming in general, to establish relationships quickly … because according to its authors, SoSaco can solve many of the problems we encounter in the real world.

Here you have a video for you to take a look if you are curious.

Link: A search engine for social networks based on ant behavior (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

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