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Posted by on May 19, 2012 in Companies |

What do we need to achieve a successful venture as Facebook?

What do we need to achieve a successful venture as Facebook?

Facebook went public today , and no one was indifferent to the assessment of USD $ 100,000 million of the company , especially considering that 8 years ago this network was only a small university project, which managed to expand rapidly and reach success it has today.

Seeing how grew and became the mega company it is today, we wonder what is missing from to have an ‘enterprise’ Facebook type? We put this question to some Latin American entrepreneurs and these were their responses:

  • The Spanish Martin Varsavsky ( @martinvars ), creator of such as Viatel,, Jazztel and Fon, believes that Latin America needs “a true common market, a global business culture, a reliable legal system and investors to bet on young people” .
  • On the other hand, the Guatemalan Christian van der Henst ( @cvander ), director of Web Masters , says that what is needed in the region are “more dreamers wanting to change the world, venture capital and culturally forgive that if fail “.
  • Asked the same question, Latam DaD CEO and founder of the Institute Chile, Enrique Barreira ( @enriquebarreira ) ensures that Latin America “lacks little to exploit, but that little is not easy because it is a change of mind, especially to investors. “
  • Asked the same question, the venture capital investor Mexican Cesar Salazar, was terse, saying only that it takes ” time “.
  • Finally, for the Argentine Santiago Siri ( @santisiri ), founder of The Whuffie Popego and Bank, said that “as Charly Garcia said: ‘I want to see many more crazy out there …’”.

And what do you think that Latin America needs to make a venture be as successful as has been Facebook?

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