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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Internet |

What do you say to accept? Project aims to clarify all the terms of service

What do you say to accept?  Project aims to clarify all the terms of service

We often hear that “I accept all the terms of service” is the biggest lie of the internet. It is understood, is a very complex legal jargon where we just bother to read in detail, especially if we are not lawyers. However, there appeared an Internet project called TOS, RD seeking clarification of the simplest of various Internet services and cataloging them in a scale of ‘A Best to’ E ‘as the worst .

A simple example: TwitPic , a recognized page to upload photos to Twitter, is listed with an ‘E’ because it reserves the right to sell photos of their users to a news agency without giving them part of the gain, plus the images never are actually deleted from the service.

The project leader, Hugo Roy , exemplary service ensures that by their terms of service is Wikipedia, because it is brief and clear, and asks its users when they plan to make a change, something that should be adopted by other services, says Roy, who relates that the inspiration for the site was in part after seeing the terms of service of Creative Commons.

The site is not yet officially released, because the organizers were planning to do at the convention Campus Party 2012 to be held in Berlin on August 21, however on your page and there are several companies reviewed in an interesting initiative seeking to influence the method companies to formulate their terms of service, hopefully simplifying them from being a tongue twister where one only drops rapidly to give the button “OK”.

Putting An End To The Biggest Lie On The Internet (TechCrunch)

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