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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Gadgets |

What does it cost to make the Microsoft Surface?

What does it cost to make the Microsoft Surface?

As was done recently with the iPad Mini, now has disarmed the to assess the cost of having their manufacture as the components used, exercise in the case of the tablet Apple, concluded a value of $188 per unit , reporting profit margins by up to 56%.

Now, we examined the RT 32GB whose retail price is $ 499, stipulating a of $ 271, leaving a profit of $ 228 for the manufacturing company, which is Microsoft itself.

Cover / Cover Touch keyboard is not counted in this calculation, being an accessory that is achieved by the large amount of money: It costs $ 120 for the user, but only $ 16 make it.

With this, Microsoft also premiered a good product ( as our impressions ), has managed to get good gains on the tablet with Windows 8, opening the door for a future, perhaps, could lose if the competition becomes too close.

Link: IHS: Microsoft Surface 32GB costs $ 271 to make (Neowin)

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