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Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 in Hardware Articles |

What does Windows Phone 8 share your core Windows 8?

What does Windows Phone 8 share your core Windows 8?

introduced its new mobile operating system Windows Phone 8 , bringing the main novelty sharing your kernel with 8, platform designed for PCs and tablets, unifying the Windows software ecosystem between computational devices used in the world.

This allows a software developer to work less to make your product work in either Windows Mobile or computer, with the user as the main benefit of this integration. But what is that? What does it mean to “share the core”?

Basically, 8 will be based on Windows NT, which has given life to the family of Microsoft software that has prevailed during the last decade, counting Windows 7 and Windows XP. In addition, previous versions from Windows Phone 7.5 backwards (and the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 ) are based on (Windows Embedded Compact), which is designed for embedded systems in public services with very low hardware performance can run with less than 1MB of RAM.

So the jump is large, and therefore not possible to update WP7 to WP8 mobile, however, improvements are also extensive, such as using ntfs file system, which allows compatibility with many storage devices formatted in NTFS, which is the result of years with the planet moving under Windows NT.

It also promises uniform support for hardware drivers, management of multi-core processors, and on the other hand, the arrival of as native development platform for 3D games that run on and with minimal effort by the programmer to achieve the transfer or port. For example, if someone was making a game that used in Windows 8 PC tools-such as havok physics engine made by Intel, or Autodesk will have no trouble using that same WP8.

On the other hand, Internet Explorer 10 comes in glory and majesty to WP8, and 99% are sure that this is the same version for Windows 8 Metro. Anyway, Microsoft ensures that the task for web site creators to create content compatible between the two systems will be easier, because the engine is comaprte to render the code. They also say that is delivered four times the performance and 2.5 times better supported in the browser HTML5 native Windows Phone 7.5

Finally, with the advent of Windows nt can be programmed in C + +, as before in WP7 could be created only in C # or Visual Basic, which did not give access to all the raw performance provided by the hardware, which will change under C + + therefore are expected native Windows Phone applications 8 that make better use of resources and to generate complex graphics and overall a more fluid user experience in all kinds of tools.

Link: Windows NT coming to phones with Windows Phone 8 (Ars Technica)

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